A lot of you have been wondering about my health conditions and how I manage with it.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the 9th grade.  Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. Basically, if I eat any of the foods that I’ve been tested for being allergic to such as gluten, rice, corn, and a plethora of others I have this awful reaction. I begin to vomit uncontrollably, I have diarrhea, when I try and eat I can't keep anything down. I become extremely fatigued and lethargic, this is classified as a flare. Flares vary sometimes, I could recover quickly and sometimes it takes months. Which has recently happened during the second semester of my freshman year at howard university. Over the summer I came to realize how important my health really was. It seems like a basic understanding but when those late night study sessions are finally over and you’re super hungry, that pizza doesn’t sound so bad. I really had to make a decision and have a heart to heart with myself. I was needed to do better, make better decisions and do what’s best for me, which at times isn't the same as my wants. After long battles with myself and my mother (As you have seen on the show) I came to the consensus that I mattered more than that cake or pizza. Now I steer clear of those things. I lean towards the greener foods and my second home might as well be whole foods.

As a result I feel better, I look better, I’m happier, and my doctor is pleased with most if not all of my lab results. They have put me on Humira and thanks be to god, by the grace of God; I was able to successfully finish both semesters of my sophomore year. I couldn’t be more grateful that I took my health more seriously. A cool thing about transitioning into a healthier lifestyle is that your pallet changes over time and now I find myself only craving healthier foods and growing nauseous at the thought of unhealthy foods.

If you all have any suggestions or know of any dope spots that cater to the gluten free eaters like myself! Please share and @ me (@cyrenelovette)

some of my favorite foods and places with awesome gluten free friendly options are:

1.) chef velvet! ( I was blessed enough to find chef velvet who caters to all my food allergies, drops off amazing meals, some awesome green juice, and my favorite gluten free red velvet cakes! 

2.) blueprint juices! I am in love with these! Sometimes i drink them as meal replacements!

3.) ithai! if you know me, you know i love me some asian food! this is one of my favorite spots that offers gluten free food!

4.) skinny pop popcorn, i am obsessed with popcorn so you can imagine how i was excited to find this super healthy gluten free popcorn!

5.) pho!!! i love some good pho, right on track with my obsession with gluten free asian food! one of my favorite pho places in DC:


Hope this helps!!




-Cyrene Lovette